swami sivananda vidya mandir Preschool

SSVM embraces students from Nursery to UKG

At SSVM we provide students with individual guidance, support, and counseling in a safe and nurturing environment. This helps them achieve great heights. Cutting edge education technology in the form of Smart Classes makes the process of learning more engaging and rewarding. The wide range of co-curricular activities enable landers to discover their hobbies and talents and excel in them.

SSVM has an exciting and innovative curriculum, inspiring teachers, and an international mix of students – the perfect choice for any parent.

Course Curriculum

Academically, SSVM has a very advanced and well-planned curriculum. The curriculum framework consists of five essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and action.

The Learning Objective and the learning outcome are the prime factors. The curriculum offers a core of academic subjects in language arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, and higher language. The learning environment is child-centered, and the curriculum is enriched by a strong reading programme, library, learning resources, art, music, physical education, computing and computer education, personal and social development, and value education.